Friday, January 25, 2008

Shipping Confusion

So...I called up the shipping company that the show uses to ship off Karla's painting and they told me they would come and pick up the piece after eleven. It was three before I saw a man walking through looking at booth numbers. I assumed he was my shipper, so I asked him if he was looking for Jennifer. He said yes, and asked me which painting I needed to ship off. He wrote down all the shipping info, and took the painting away. An hour later, a "Craters and Freighters" guy came to my booth dressed up in an official uniform with clip board in hand. My heart stopped. Who was that stranger who had just taken away Karla's painting? I was frantic! The office, fortunately, knew immediately who the man had been. He owns a shipping company--a competitor to Craters and Freighters. The office has nicknamed him "Bad Dennis". They tracked down my painting, and Craters and Freighters picked it up. All was saved! I don't think I could have painted another "Tuscan Meadow"!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Happy Collector!

A couple of week ago I told you about my "unhappy collector" who wasn't pleased with the results of her commission. Well...I am please to report that Karla is now an extremely Happy Collector! This is the story:

After Karla had told me through tears that she wasn't satisfied with the commission, I told her not to worry--that I would paint her up another one. It was the first piece I did at the "Celebration of Fine Art" Show in Scottsdale. Lovely Karla and her husband flew from Alburquerque to see "Tuscan Meadow III" in person. It was wonderful to meet them! What an extremely hip and fun couple! So...Karla saw the new piece, and asked if she could also see the first one I did. Hanging side by side, it was easy to determine which was the stronger piece. Karla naturally chose the first one! :)

The lesson I learned from all this is that my paintings are always better seen in person! The texture and colors don't always translate accurately through email. I laughed when Karla chose the first painting that had caused her such extreme disappointment! But I'm delighted she's finally happy with a painting that will be her "trip to Tuscany" every time she looks at her wall.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Show

What a fun experience this is! Basically I get to paint all day and talk to people who come to the show to watch me paint. It was strange in the beginning, having people stand behind me and silently observe me working. This is definitely not a show for a budding artist. You have to have your technique down! It takes a lot of confidence to have people watch your every move. They are always surprised to see me wielding such large palette knives and loading on the thick frosting-like paint onthe canvas. Few have ever seen an artist use this much texture! I also use a blank canvas as my palette. Eventually I turn the palette into a painting...but the layers begin at this first stage as I mix paint. That's the great thing about this show. Every artist has their own interesting way of creating their work. No two have the same technique. Collectors love coming to this show because there is always something new to see.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Show set-up!

We finally made it to Scottsdale! From Oregon, with a trailer in tow, it took us about 25 hours. It was just me and Matt, so our little road trip was a lot of fun! We had 4 days to set up the "studio" at the Celebration of Fine Art show. Each artist is responsible for building their own space in which they will paint and sell for the next 10 weeks. They can do whatever they want--no restrictions! I see some painting their walls a wild turqoise color, while others opt for a neutral tan and add crown moulding! Every space is unique to the artist. As for me...I had to have my black and white checker board floor, so we laid down individual floor tiles. It looks great, but boy was that a project! Thank goodness for a handy brother-in-law who happens to loves home improvement projects. My space closely resembles my studio back home--even the walls are the same tan/yellow! We hung contemporary silver track lighting that really illuminates wonderfully my artwork. Lighting is so important. It makes everything "pop", especially my type of paintings with all that thick texture! The show starts tomorrow, and I am very excited.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Unhappy Collector

Most times a collector will commission a painting, and approve the result with ease and happiness. With Karla, it didn't quite go as easily as planned. Karla found me by doing a search online. After reviewing hundreds of websites, she came across my work and fell in love with one of my paintings on my website. So she called me up and commissioned a similar piece. I didn't realize at the time, just how similar she wanted it! Paintings always come out differently, with no two being alike. That is what makes them an original. I completed the commission, and in my mind created a much better painting with this second version. When I emailed Karla a picture of the finished piece, I thought she would jump for joy and call me within seconds to give me the okay to ship! I was wrong. I called her up, and found her crying--but not with tears of joy, but with sobs of intense disappointment! It was awful. She didn't know where to even begin with all the changes she wanted made. I told her I would paint her up another one, more similar to the first one--and that it would be okay! I've never had a client react like that before, and I wasn't quite sure what to say. So it looks like I'll be painting up a new 60 x 36 "Tuscan Meadow III". We'll see if I can make her happy. I'm leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale, so it'll have to be the first painting I do at the show.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Boys!

I love my boys! Coming from a family of 8 girls, I was surprised when I was blessed with three boys in a row! Here they are in my studio the day before I left for a 10 week show in Scottsdale. I will sure miss my little guys!

Friday, January 4, 2008

10 week Art Show in Scottsdale

I'm leaving for Scottsdale, AZ for the "Celebration of Fine Art" Show next week. For more info, click on this link:

For 10 weeks, 100 artists from around the globe come together and set up working studios. The show is well advertised with full page ads in 10 magazines and in hundreds of resorts and high end hotels. The public is invited to come out and watch the artists work...and hopefully increase their art collection. Interesting show--the only one like it anywhere in the world. It's extremely hard to get accepted into the show. Thousands apply, but only 20-25 new artists get accepted. I'm really looking forward to it. More when I get there...