Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Happy Collector!

A couple of week ago I told you about my "unhappy collector" who wasn't pleased with the results of her commission. Well...I am please to report that Karla is now an extremely Happy Collector! This is the story:

After Karla had told me through tears that she wasn't satisfied with the commission, I told her not to worry--that I would paint her up another one. It was the first piece I did at the "Celebration of Fine Art" Show in Scottsdale. Lovely Karla and her husband flew from Alburquerque to see "Tuscan Meadow III" in person. It was wonderful to meet them! What an extremely hip and fun couple! So...Karla saw the new piece, and asked if she could also see the first one I did. Hanging side by side, it was easy to determine which was the stronger piece. Karla naturally chose the first one! :)

The lesson I learned from all this is that my paintings are always better seen in person! The texture and colors don't always translate accurately through email. I laughed when Karla chose the first painting that had caused her such extreme disappointment! But I'm delighted she's finally happy with a painting that will be her "trip to Tuscany" every time she looks at her wall.


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