Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finding Family in D.C.

It's an interesting story how we connected with new collectors, Melva and Ron Skinner. The Carmel Fine Art Gallery ran an add announcing the Gallery Show in the Washington Post. The name 'Vranes' caught Melva's attention. Her full name is Melva "Vranes" Skinner. She sent off an email right away asking us if we're related to the Vranes' that came to Ellis Island in 1903. Despite the late hour (we were already in D.C. in our hotel), Matt called her up on the phone. Turns out we are related, if somewhat distantly! Matt invited them to the Gallery Show, and they came! The moment we saw them walk into the Gallery, it was all hugs and kisses! It truly was like finding long lost family. We went to lunch and then they surprised us by purchasing a vineyard painting. I think it was perhaps their first original piece of art they've ever owned! I'm so honored.


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