Wednesday, October 10, 2007

about commissions...

I'm currently finishing up a few commissions. The 24 x 24 was for a collector who wanted me to paint her children playing in the garden in the back yard. She emailed me a dozen pictures, and I created a computerized sketch with the ones I thought would work best. Thank goodness for photoshop! Gone are the days when an artist would spend days sketching the layout for a painting in pencil or charcoal for the client to approve. One change, and the artist would have to re-draw the whole thing. Nowadays, everything is done on computer first--well at least it is for me. It helps that I have a computer saavy husband who has taught me everything I know. And if I can't do it, I make him do it for me! In this case, the client did end up making a change, so it was a good thing I had it all on my computer. It was as easy as a click with my mouse!

The other commission was through a Gallery. Most commonly a client will see my work in a Gallery, and need a custom painting with specific requirements, so the Gallery will call me with the details. That is the case with "Land of Promise II". The original "Land of Promise" was a 48 x 48, but the client wanted a 40 x 30. They also wanted grass in the foreground with purple and blue flowers. It's always interesting how specific some collectors can be. But the great thing about Art is...I can add whatever they want to a painting. No so easy with photography!


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