Saturday, October 6, 2007

Post-Show Update

The ArtExpo Las Vegas Show was a success. There was a different atmosphere than the show in NY. It seemed quite a bit more relaxed--not so cut-throat. I met with a lot of great art buyers and Galleries. I did a show special that worked out well. For every two original paintings (any size) sold, the collector would receive a free 24 x 24 original of their choice! And, order 4 giclees, and receive a 5th one free!

I also felt like I made some key contacts that were important. Being there helped solidify the relationships I had started in NY. Took pictures with Susanne Casgar (wonderful lady--chief editor of Art Business News), Ford Smith, Fabian Perez, Eric Smith, Fred Rogers, Dana Yarger, Tom Zotos, Pete Tillack, HamiltonAguiar, Nan Miller...not to name drop or anything! :) The expos are good for that at least. It gets you out there, and talking to the who's who in the art biz.

I was flattered that Mark from "Progressive Fine Art" felt threatened enough by my work to tell me to find a new subject matter. Ya, that was interesting. He told me if I keep painting aspens, then everybody will start to paint them, and the value for any aspen painting would diminish. He must have been thinking of Maya Eventov whom he reps. She also paints aspens with thick texture (though not as thick as mine, of course!). But I thought that was rather strange for him to be afraid of a little competition. No matter what the subject matter is, wouldn't the style always be different? How long have scenes from Provence and Tuscany been around? If your style stands out from the rest--and is unique enough, isn't that all that matters?


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