Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Lavender Painting

I'm currently working on a new lavender field painting. It's a nice, big 60 x 48. There's something so much more dramatic about a huge painting. The bigger the better I say! This painting was commissioned by clients in Florida. After seeing pics of their gorgeous home, I knew a lavender painting would be the perfect piece for their livingroom! Their entire house is done in all neutrals and golds. A big, bold painting loaded with blues and purples will really "pop" in this house. It'll bring everything together. I'll add a splash of red in the foreground with a few wild poppies to bring in more dramatic color. Feel free to view the progress on my live web-cam. The painting should be done in just a couple of days.

It is refreshing to do a new lavender field. Perhaps that's because all summer long all I've painted are Aspen paintings! I have a Gallery in Aspen, Colorado that sells every Aspen painting I can give them. Since June, they've sold 16 paintings, and 9 commissions! Love that! That's really rare for a Gallery to do that well. Aspen, CO must be a perfect place for paintings of Aspen trees. I'm lucky that I have several series I like to do. I stick mostly to aspens, poppy fields, lavender fields, and vineyards. I like to jump back and forth. Keeps life in the studio fresh!


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