Thursday, September 20, 2007

Launching a "Collector's Preview"

What a day! It's always busy launching the Collector's Preview--especially with 4 kids running around! We tried to sequester ourselves in the office, but every couple of minutes we'd hear a knock on the door. So maybe our 7 year old is a little young to be babysitting eh? After a dinner of Kix and Cheerios, we finally got the Preview finished up and emailed out. I try to do one every couple of months. It's a good way for me to keep my Collectors updated on what's happening with the art career--and also to show them the newest, freshest paintings out of the studio...first! It's a type of 'sneak-peek' you can say. Over the years I have met some of the most amazing people! There is a type of bond between artist and collector that begins the moment a piece of art is exchanged between two souls. It's hard to explain. Some of my collectors have become like family members to me! Painting for them is a joy.


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