Saturday, October 6, 2007

More on Vegas...

Besides doing the ArtExpo in Vegas...when the show ended at six, it was time to play! Matt and I celebrated our 9th Wedding Anniversary that weekend, so we lived it up! We saw three shows: "Mama Mia", "The Producers", and "O". Two out of the three left much to be desired. "Mama Mia" had great music (love Abba! Lived on them through childhood), but the play itself seemed more like a talented high school production than something found on Broadway. "The Producers" was funny in an odd sort of way. Perhaps if you're in love with Tony Danza, it would have been okay...but it definitely played up to the 50 + crowd. We did "O" (Cirque de Soleil) and that was really neat, if surreal. It was like watching a Salvador Dali painting on stage. There were all sorts of random floating things in the air--like a merry-go-round horsy, and headless costumes. Nothing really made sense, but it was sort of beautiful with the water and dancers. Not sure if it was worth a whopping $250 a ticket though. If my husband goes to a play, he likes to splurge on the really good seats. I'm the cheapo in the relationship. I prefer to call myself "frugal", but "tightwad" I am! :)

Oh, and on the way home, we missed our connecting flight from Pheonix to Medford. Purely our fault. So stupid. We were standing there the whole time, and didn't hear them call our flight number. Well, okay, we were eating at the Burger King 10 feet away from the ticket counter, and I was fighting with the kid at the cash register. He had over charged Matt 3 bucks, so I was getting it back for him. Matt always makes me be the big meanie. So needless to say, our attention was diverted elsewhere, and by the time we hit the flight people, they had already given away our seats! We discovered they like to do that 10 minutes before the flight time. Matt was livid. So after another hour of waiting, they put us on a plane back to Vegas for a 5 hour layover to Medford. Instead of getting home at 6 p.m., we were due to arrive at 3 a.m! Ahhh! And my husband hates flying. Truly he would rather drive. So for him to get back on a plane--back to the destination we had just came from, was almost beyond enduring. But we decided to make the best of it. So when we got back to Vegas, we got a cab and ate at a wonderful Brazilian restaurant ("Pampas"), and walked around the shopping strip for a bit. We walked into a couple of Art Galleries and struck up conversations with the owners. Of course, it helped that the artists they carry I know personally and had just seen at the expo--so that got their attention. It would be fun to get my work in Vegas. And hey, if it hadn't been for the the last minute change in flight plans, I would have never met them! Everything happens for a reason...


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