Friday, January 11, 2008

The Show set-up!

We finally made it to Scottsdale! From Oregon, with a trailer in tow, it took us about 25 hours. It was just me and Matt, so our little road trip was a lot of fun! We had 4 days to set up the "studio" at the Celebration of Fine Art show. Each artist is responsible for building their own space in which they will paint and sell for the next 10 weeks. They can do whatever they want--no restrictions! I see some painting their walls a wild turqoise color, while others opt for a neutral tan and add crown moulding! Every space is unique to the artist. As for me...I had to have my black and white checker board floor, so we laid down individual floor tiles. It looks great, but boy was that a project! Thank goodness for a handy brother-in-law who happens to loves home improvement projects. My space closely resembles my studio back home--even the walls are the same tan/yellow! We hung contemporary silver track lighting that really illuminates wonderfully my artwork. Lighting is so important. It makes everything "pop", especially my type of paintings with all that thick texture! The show starts tomorrow, and I am very excited.


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