Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Evening Meadow" 60" x 84" commission

This painting is HUGE! Especially for my vertically challenged 5' 3" self! I had to use a step stool to paint the top! So, you can imagine my relief when it was finally finished! Unfortunately for me, the clients needed it to be a horizontal and not a vertical painting! I just found today when the Gallery called, saying the collectors didn't have the heart to tell me...but would it be possible for me to paint the same exact scene, but horizontally? I could have died! Now what will I do with a 5' x 7' vertical? The Gallery really wants it, but I think I may just enjoy it for a few months before I ship it off. This piece would be perfect for anyone with high vaulted ceilings and large expansive walls. Forget the boring tapestry...a vertical aspen painting would be just fabulous!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aspen Blue III - New Commissioned Painting by Jennifer Vranes

The client who commissioned this painting, discovered my work online. He's actually never seen my work in person! That's why I try to take close-up shots of the texture, because it's hard to fathom just how thick the paint really is from little online pics! I think he got the idea, and chose two paintings that he liked from my blog, and asked me to paint them up again...but in a bigger size. No problem!

Aspen Blue III
acrylic on canvas
36"w x 48" h

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(close-up of texture)

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Confetti - new aspen forest painting by Jennifer Vranes

Fall is here! This really is my favorite time of year--especially for painting. Great autumn colors! This fall scene captures the beauty of this season. The texture of the Aspen Trees is extremely thick! I can't seem to get enough texture. I just sent this painting off to my Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. They keep asking me for more work--especially of scenes with lots of RED and YELLOW.

Fall Confetti
acrylic on canvas
48" x 48"

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(close-up of texture)

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