Friday, November 8, 2019

Installation in Vancouver!

These collectors drove down from Vancouver to my studio in Southern Oregon to meet me in person and commission a painting! Last night I returned the favor and drove the painting up to Canada to install it in their home.

Nothing beats the look on their faces when they saw the painting hanging up on the wall that had been bare for 3 years! Jill's comment afterwards was so beautiful:

"It's amazing. It suits the house and it suits us. This place is meaningful to us. But having that view and we felt such a great connection with you. It multi layers the meaning of this painting for us because it's not only a painting of a place that we love to be at but also having the connection with you gives it a deeper meaning. It isn't just a picture that we saw and bought. I'm so glad we came down to your studio and connected with you and saw your work and we just like you so much and it's such a special piece for us to have. And not only that it's a place we love but knowing that it was painted by someone we feel so connected to."

—Jill Raphael


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