Monday, December 31, 2012

The Art Show in Scottsdale, AZ: "Celebration of Fine Art"

This will mark my 6th year participating with the best art show in the world--"Celebration of Fine Art," located in Scottsdale, AZ.  100 Artists from all over the world will be meeting me there.  It'll take us a week to set up our art studios, and then for the next 3 months, we'll work in our various mediums in front of an audience.  Yes, the public is invited to come and watch us work!  This is truly an unique experience!  Show coordinator, Susan Potje, states it beautifully on the show's website:
"From Point of Rocks, MD to Bend, OR, artists from across the country are packing up their art work and their supplies and making their way to Scottsdale, AZ for the 23rd Annual Celebration of Fine Art.

You will find 100 artists in their working studios January 12 through March 24 every day from 10 am to 6 pm. The dedication of these artists to their craft and to the Celebration of Fine Art is awe inspiring. One visitor to the Celebration had this to say about the experience, “Truly, you chose the word “celebration” wisely and accurately. Here, a person can stand in awe of the amazing power of creativity and evolution. The artists who most intrigued me were the ones who persistently changed, who found new media to reveal and reflect new moments, and who painted or sculpted because art is their breath and life. To meet such people is a rare privilege; not many people truly live their convictions in these days of convenience. Your artists have chosen to travel from many states, to expose themselves to strangers, and to hope for what may be the best of days.” Thank you, John, for your kind words.

Each year we find ourselves being humbled by the immense talent and passion that every artist puts into their works and their willingness to share the intimate details of the inspiration behind each work of art. Amazing discoveries are waiting for you at each and every studio as you stroll the 40,000 square feet of studio space. The artists’ enthusiasm for sharing their visions and for encouraging fellow artists is what makes the Celebration of Fine Art an experience like no other.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 2013 Celebration of Fine Art. We want to hear your story and find out what the Celebration means to you and how your life has been enriched by the art and the artists of the Celebration! We promise that your days spent at the Celebration of Fine Art will be an experience to remember! See you soon!"

--Susan Potje

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Vineyard Commission for Bay Area couple

Stacey and Seth bought a new home and were in the process of decorating each room.  They started with the formal dining room.  The tables and chairs and credenza were in place, now all they needed was something for the walls.  Stacey knew she wanted artwork with lots of rich color and thick, palette knife texture. When she came across my work, it was exactly what she was looking for!  She discovered a triptych I had previously painted of a vineyard, house, and swing.  She asked if I could paint her a similar version of the piece, but with their two daughters walking down the vineyard path.  Of course, personalizing paintings for collectors is my favorite thing to I told her that yes, I'd love to do that.  All she needed to do was send me a picture of her daughters.  Very easy!  Commissions are actually a lot easier than people think.  I love working with collectors to get them that special painting they envision.  I can make their piece as personalized and unique as they want.  Since this family lived in the Bay Area, I decided to change the background hills to Northern California ones.  They loved the end result!  On a trip to San Francisco, I was able to stop by and personally deliver the paintings to them.  It was fun meeting Seth and Stacey and hanging their new artwork.  I always love seeing the final result with the painting in place on the wall.  Such a thrill for an artist!  It was also wonderful getting to know Stacey and Seth in person.  Project Dining Room for the living room!

"Home Sweet Home--Triptych"
24 x 24 ea panel
thick acrylic on canvas

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Aspen Paintings for Home in Alberta

Val and Tony, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, were vacationing in the Napa Valley when they happened upon Gallery 1870 in Yountville, CA.  They saw my work and thought my 48 x 48 "Lovely Autumn" would be perfect for their dining room.  They purchased it on the spot.  Working with the Gallery, they then commissioned me to paint them a 48 x 72 companion piece for the adjacent wall.  Collaborating with the couple, I painted "Autumn's Shortcut" to perfectly compliment the first piece.  It was a powerful duo.  You can imagine my excitement when Val and Tony emailed me a photo of the paintings hanging up in their new space.  The room was perfection!  This was their email to me:
We received our two paintings and put them up over the weekend.  They look absolutely stunning - much better in real life than the pictures.  Your paintings have certainly exceeded our expectations.  Thank you very much.  We will enjoy your work for many years to come.

Best regards,
Val & Tony
Lovely Autumn
thick acrylic on canvas
48 x 48
Autumn's Shortcut
thick acrylic on canvas
48 x 72

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aspen painting, "Meadow of Amethyst" 48 x 60

Laurie and Chris first saw my work at Chloe Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco.  They immediately fell in love with my "Meadow of Amethyst" painting that was hanging in the front window.  They both knew instantly that this was their piece.  The size and color scheme was perfect for their living room.  This is the post they sent me on my Facebook JensArt page:
 "Hi Jen. We will be rewiring the room to get the proper lighting on Meadow of Amethyst. We are thrilled and fortunate to have your work in our family!"
--Laurie De Seguirant

Months later, I was able to finally meet the De Seguirants in person at a show that Chloe Fine Arts hosted.  It was such a thrill talking with them and getting to know them better.   I can't explain the connection that exists between collector and artist. But it's real, and I love it!

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Surprise!

Ashley and Nate B. had a pleasant surprise when this Christmas present arrived on their front porch! Ashley's mother, Sandy, had ordered "Autumn's Shortcut" as a house warming present and focal point for their new home. 
"I'm amazed at how you can make a gift of God's creation look so much better and bring it to life!"  --Sandy E.