Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friends from Oregon!

Bruce and Cheryl McConnehey were visiting their daughter and son-in-law in Arizona...and decided to visit me at the "Celebration of Fine Art" show.  It was fun to see friends from home (hint-hint!).  If you're planning a trip to AZ...please let me know, and I'll save you a free pass!  This really is an experience like none other--especially if you are an artist or art appreciator.  Where else can you visit 100 artist's studios in less than a day!


Giclees Delivered!

Collectors from Texas ordered Giclees of my "Daydreaming III" and "Aspens in Autumn--triptych".  This was the email I just received:
We got them yesterday. We love them more in person.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Video Shoot with South West Art Magazine

Today South West Art came to the show and interviewed me about my art.  I was nervous, but it actually ended up being pretty fun!  They set up the interview with me sitting on my red leather couch--with my artwork in the background, and while looking straight into the camera, I had to answer questions like: "What inspires your work?"..."What messages are you trying to communicate to viewers?"..."What artists-historic or contemporary-inspire your work? etc.  These are questions I have to answer every day at this show, so answering them came pretty easily.  The interview lasted about 45 minutes.  After that, they got some live footage of me painting at my easel.  They plan on boiling the whole thing down to a 2 minute video clip that they will be posting on their website.  I'll be posting it on mine as well! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fox 10's Arizona Morning Show visits the Show!

FOX 10's Cory McCloskey visits the Celebration of Fine Art to talk with the artists live.  Check out these video clips for an inside look at the show...

"Reaching for the Sky--diptych...Delivered"

I just sent this Diptych off on Monday, and by Wednesday my Collectors received the paintings!  This was the awesome email I received from Stephanie:
Oh my, you have new adoring fans in Utah.  They came today, they are out but not yet hung, the kids and I are in love, they are perfect and now all the other large blank walls in the room just need more Jennifer Vranes!  I will send you a picture when we hang them and you will see what I mean haha.  You are amazing and your work is just so refreshing.  I can't wait for Jeff to get home and see these.  Thank you so very much for making our very first (real) art purchase so very pleasant and easy.  I will be excited to meet you if you do a show in Utah, send an email if you can.  Jeff and I travel to Italy in May, once I see what I can only imagine, a landscape of yours of a tuscan country side may very well need to get added to our collection someday!

Very Happy and Smiling,


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Large Scale Specialty!

I started a really big one today!  I'm really excited about it.  Painting large is my favorite!  It somehow allows me the freedom I need to express my highly textured landscapes.  This piece is 7' x 4'.  I can't wait to finish it up...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Featured in Magazine!

Susan Potje, show coordinator of "Celebrations of Fine Art" (10 week annual art show in Scottsdale), selected a picture of me for their full page ad in January's issue of American Art Collector.  I'm pictured glazing Giclee diptych, "Autumn on Bells."

Great Email from an Online Visitor!

Just found your beautiful paintings while searching for artwork this morning.  I have never seen such awesome paintings with the depth of field you have captured! I can only imagine how beautiful your paintings must be in person. I know what my next gift to myself will be...Each are majestic, what a talented artist to capture these beautiful scenes! You must plan to visit Tennessee and paint our scenes...Lepers Fork, Franklin and our fields of hay and valleys are all treasures waiting to be seen..and painted with your keen spirit.

Thanks, Jennifer I've enjoyed this brief time out viewing your art work which I plan to do often now.

Have a "happy and healthy 2011" 
Diane W.

Paintings currently on display at the show...

If you were to come to the show today, these are the paintings you would see hanging up!  I ship pieces out weekly to collectors and Galleries so the work is constantly changing.  Email me from my website if you would like free passes to see the show.  It'd be fun to meet you in person and to show you these paintings first-hand.  The texture will surprise you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Biggest Fan!"

The show has begun!  It's fun being back.  I love meeting new collectors, and reconnecting with old ones.  I was surprised and delighted to meet Michael and to discover that he has been following my work for years.  He looked a little stunned as he asked..."are you Jennifer Vranes, the artist?" and when I responded in the affirmative he shook my hand and said he never thought he'd actually be meeting me in person!  Apparently he was a big fan of my work and had been following me for years.  A couple of years ago he started painting and  frequently uses my website photos for inspiration.  He loves painting Aspen trees and feels no one paints them as well as me.  I was flattered.  It made my day meeting him.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Show has begun!

Here's a 30 second video clip talking about Celebration of Fine Art...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Studio finished!

All finished...and just in the nick of time!  Tonight is the special show preview for 250 special VIP collectors and tomorrow the show opens up to the public.  Can't wait to get painting again.  It's hard for me to go a week without picking up a brush (or in my case, palette knife!).   

Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 week Art Show in Scottsdale, AZ

I'm in Scottsdale, Arizona building my studio for Celebration of Fine Art.  This is my 4th year doing the show, and I couldn't be more excited.  It's such a great place to be especially January through March!  We arrived on Tuesday and the Show opens to the public on Saturday, January 16th.  It takes a full 3-4 days putting the booth together.  Each artist is responsible for flooring, lighting, paint.  It's quite a process.  We're here for 10 weeks, so the set up is well worth it.  Almost done!  To read more about the show visit the website:

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celebrating Art in Arizona!

Check out this 2 minute clip about Celebration of Fine Art!  Show starts January 16th and goes through the end of March.  The show won the 2010 Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award for business excellence for a Micro Business.  I'm excited to be returning this year for my 4th year.