Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Collectors from Chicago

William and Chris Guswiler from Chicago, IL came to the show today and discovered my wall of 10" x 10" Giclees. They instantly thought two of them (but in a 16" x 16" size) would be perfect hanging vertically on a wall in their home. After much deliberation on which two to get (they had 9 to choose from!) they decided "Mountain Splendor" and "Finding Peace" were the ones!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Lavender Haze" commission

Jeffrey and Janet Frederick came into my booth and really felt a connection with my work. Janet especially loved my lavender field painting! Her birthday is coming up, so Jeffrey commissioned me to paint her a 30 x 20 original painting of "Lavender Haze." Janet was delighted. She's planning on hanging the piece in her office.

Monday, February 22, 2010

New Gallery in Sedona!

Linda Timberlake (left) is an "Artist's Rep," and she met me for the first time at the "Celebrations of Fine Art" show a couple of weeks ago. She instantly thought my work would be a great fit in a couple of Galleries she is currently working with--The James Ratliff Gallery being one of them. James Ratliff has been in the Gallery business for over 40 years in Sedona--a town famous for being an art mecca to thousands of tourists every year. I've always been very interested in finding a good Gallery there. My husband, Matt and I drove from Scottsdale to Sedona to meet the Ratliffs and see their beautiful Gallery. What nice people! We are happy with Linda's choice, and are pleased to now be represented by the James Ratliff Gallery in Sedona--my first in Arizona. After the Gallery visit, Linda gave us tour of Sedona. What a neat little town! I definitely need to go back just to take pictures of the high desert landscape and wonderful red rock formations. A new series perhaps?

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Brownie points for Bryan!

Bryan Silk gets the husband of the year award! For Valentine's Day, he decided to surprise his wife with a Giclee of my 'Walking through Autumn II." They had been by my booth earlier that week, and she had mentioned liking that particular painting. Without her knowing, Bryan ordered a limited edition Giclee and had me add lots of extra enhancement and a special dedication on the back. It turned out really neat! Yesterday Bryan came back to the show just to tell me how much his wife had loved the surprise!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Mission: Dining Room Niche!

Last night, I visited the home of collectors Margo and Jim Sulkosky, and brought three large paintings with me. The mission: choosing one of the three pieces for the niche in their formal dining room. The moment I placed my "Aspen Treasure" in the niche, we all knew instantly we had found the perfect piece for that space! The colors were right on. The painting was truly the crowning jewel for what was already a fabulous room. For years Margo had been hunting for just the right piece...and last night I think she found it! As an artist, that is the ultimate prize--placing my work in my collector's homes for them to enjoy. It was definitely an honor to see my "Aspen Treasure" placed in the such a great focal point of Margo and Jim's beautiful home.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

New 10 x 10 enhanced Giclees--$250 ea.

I met Claire and Stephen Russo at the show today. What a fun couple! They decided three of my 10 x 10 Giclees would fit perfectly in a vertical line-up on one of their narrow walls in their home. I was delighted--especially since I had just hung them that morning! By the end of the day, 6 out of the 8 had sold.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Budding Artists

Oh, the inhibition of youth! I love asking children who pass by my booth, if they'd like to paint. They always respond with a gleeful YES! Here are two young sisters (Nicolette and Taylor) giving me a hand with some wildflowers.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Special Lady

This lovely lady, Mona MacDonald from Canada, came into the show today and fell in love with my "Aspen Confetti II." She loves bright, bold color...and felt an instant connection with my work. She decided to commission me to paint her up a similar piece, but in a three panel triptych (48" x 30" ea. panel--48" x 90" all together)...and she has just the spot to hang it--at the bottom of her stairs! Mona was truly a delight to talk to. I love meeting people who have the same a passion for color and thick texture as I do!

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6 x 6 "Mini Masterpieces"--SOLD!

I thought it would be fun to do some of my "Mini Masterpieces" for the show--especially since all the rest of my work is HUGE! A little 6" x 6" is the perfect size for anyone to take home--and affordable at only $350. Three of my new minis found new homes this weekend.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Jeff and Karla Ogden have been collecting my art for a couple of years. They drove up from Tucson to visit me at the show and pick up a lavender Giclee Karla had ordered for her bedroom. While there, Karla fell in love with my 48 x 48 "Colors of Italy" painting, and asked me if I could paint up a similar piece in a 12 x 12. The only catch was...she needed it by the next morning! She and Jeff were driving back to Tuscon, and wanted to take the painting with them. So, after a short and sweet Valentine's Dinner with my husband, we went back to the show so I could paint. By 3 a.m. the painting was done! I met Karla at her Hotel the next morning with a special delivery. She was delighted!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Problem Solved!

Steve and Julie Cooper saw my work at the show and thought it would be a great fit for their newly remodeled home in Surprise, AZ. They asked if I could come out to their house to see the space and give them decorating advice. I love doing "Home Shows." It's really the best way for me to get my clients exactly what they need. Decorating is my specialty! Steve and Julie needed something for their bedroom, and after deliberating for a couple of hours, we decided a Giclee of "Golden Sunrise" would be perfect. Julie was fond of the idea of a diptych, so we will be splitting up the Giclee into two panels. It will look fabulous in that spot!

February 27th--All finished! Today Julie met me at the show and picked up her new Giclee diptych. She loved it! She brought in an actual pillow sham just to make sure the colors all matched...and it looked fabulous. I can't wait to see it hanging up in that spot!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ashland Friends

Sharon and Janice are from Ashland, OR...not too far from my home town. My hubby Matt, while flying to Arizona to visit me (every weekend!), sat next to Janice on the plane and they started talking. He invited her to the show ("Celebration of Fine Art")...and she came bringing her friend Sharon with her. They were such fun! Sharon is an Art Teacher at Ashland High, and Janice is an avid art this show was the perfect outing for them. They spent hours roaming through each booth and talking to all the artists. It was a delight to meet them, too...I bet they'll make this show an annual tradition.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did you play Football?

Yes, in fact, he did play football--for the Atlanta Falcons and had a Superbowl ring to prove it! It's rare that I see someone bigger than my 6' 5" 300 lb husband...but Jose Portillo definitely was. I felt like a midget standing next to him! But do you know...this lineman isn't just a jock?! He's also an artist! He actually majored in art at BYU Idaho, and has his paintings hanging in a Gallery in Scottsdale. I was flabbergasted! Jose is even thinking about joining us at the show next year as one of the artists. Who'da guessed?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Visiting Mommy!

This show is a long one--10 weeks to be exact (well, 12 if you include setup and take down!) it's a long time to be away from home. I haven't seen my kids in 4 weeks. I know they are in good hands (my husband is a Saint!), but I sure do miss my little darlings. I talk to them every night (thank you Skype), but what I really miss is hugging them and smooching their little necks--especially my youngest two (5 and 3). So you can imagine my excitement when the whole fam flew out to see me for the weekend. We brought the kids to the show, and they had fun playing in the Sculpture Garden...but what they loved most was going swimming in February! We took them to the pool 5 times while they were here, and they couldn't get enough. Gotta love Arizona weather.

Friday, February 5, 2010

One of my Favorite Artists!

I first saw the paintings of Doug Fryer when I was an undergraduate Art student at BYU. He was getting his MFA, and he came into my class holding a little painting of a figure. My professor held up his painting for the class to see, and I remember being amazed at Fryer's wonderful use of layers and texture. It was such a wonderful little painting--a perfect blend of realism with a splash of the abstract...I've never forgotten it. I went to his Final MFA show, and there was a small painting I had really wanted to buy, but didn't have the courage to ask the price. I thought for sure it would be far outside my meager student's budget. Boy do I wish I had just done it, no matter the cost! I wonder if there are people who feel this passionate about my work. That's an interesting thought.

When I heard Fryer was in the Marshall-LeKAE Gallery in Scottsdale, and that there would be an artist reception for him last night, I just had to drop everything and go! It was delightful to finally shake his hand, and tell him the story of how he once inspired me as a young art student. Truly, I attribute my use of layers and texture today, to those first impressions his work made on me.

After the Gallery Reception, I walked through all the Art Galleries on the main street. White lights sparkled along the streets and wound around the trees. Why can't my little town in Southern Oregon look like this? It looked so magical! Every Thursday night is the Gallery walk, so there were hordes of people milling about, looking at art. I can think of no better way to spend an evening! :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Mountain Splendor" 48 x 48 Commission

I really love this painting! There's something really special about it. Ira and Karen Hammerman commissioned me to do a painting with Utah mountains and wild flowers. And that was all the guidelines they gave me! What a treat for me to have the artistic license to create a piece however I envisioned. I chose Mt. Timpanogos as the Utah mountain range (my favorite!) and sprinkled in gobs of beautiful wildflowers in the foreground. I emailed Karen and Ira a picture of the finished piece, and they called me today to tell me they absolutely love it and can't wait to hang it above their mantle.

Monday Ship Day!

Every Monday I ship 2-3 paintings out to my Galleries. It's hard to choose which ones to send out, and which ones to keep at the show. My paintings are like's hard to see them go! Before I can ship them out, though, I have make sure each one is painted around the sides, hung with a wire on the back, and signed with title and signature.