Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Lavender Summer"

Here is my newest lavender field painting! This one has definitely attracted a lot of attention at the show! Something wonderful happens when you put blues and purples together. It's like magic!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Scottsdale Doggies!

I've never seen such pampered pups as I have here in Arizona! They are dressed better than most people! Sometimes their outfits actually match their "Mommy's"! All have jeweled collars and ribbons in their very neatly combed hair (fur?). Today I saw a couple of pooches being pushed around in a stroller! I couldn't resist snapping a photo. Is it me, or did these little doggies actually pose for the camera???

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wade and Karen Watson fell in love with my "French Lavender" painting the moment they laid eyes on it! It was the perfect piece for their newly remodeled dream bathroom. The 48 x 48 size was too large, so they commissioned the same piece in a 36 x 48. The bathroom sounds lovely, complete with white marble and a stained glass window of purple panes--the perfect backdrop for a lavender field! It was exactly what they had been looking for. I'm honored they picked my work to be the crowning jewel of their luxurious master bath--especially since I know with what care they chose all the elements in their house! It was truly a delight meeting them at the show.

Sculptor Gedion

This is one of my favorite sculpture artists at the show. Gedion Nyanhongo is from Africa and he does these incredible massive sculptures made from rock that he imports from his family's quarry in Zimbabwe. All day I can hear his rythmic hammering as he chisles away the forms only he can see. He always has a ready smile and warm hug for everyone here at the show.

Artists for Artists

Many of the people who come through the show, are artists themselves. I can always tell by the questions they ask. If they know the term "palette-knife", that usually gives them away. Or if they ask questions about my technique and nod their heads in understanding as I explain it, I know I'm talking with someone who most likely has tried painting before. For them, this type of show is wonderful! They can walk around and see all the different techniques and styles of 100 artists. They become inspired by what they see, and go home invigorated and ready to paint anew! This water color artist, after seeing my technique of laying on thick texture, is now excited to go home and try acrylics!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Budding Artists!

I had just started a painting, when I turned to find a family standing behind me watching. I asked Sophia and Dimitri if they would like to give it a whirl, and they excitedly nodded their heads. With the confidence of children they painted me in a blue sky. They were so proud! I realize it is experiences like this that build the foundation of our future artists!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Painting at the Show

This is what I do all day from 10 am to 6 pm. I paint while the public come out and watch and simply enjoy art! It is quite an event. I am one of 100 artists that have set up working studios here in Scottsdale. The show is for 10 weeks and ends March 23rd. It is fun sharing my technique with people. They love to watch me paint. I think they are surprised at my age, for the comment I get most is: "You're too young to be able to paint like that!" I just smile and say I look younger than I really am! :)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Collector

"Pathway through the Quaking Aspens" sold today! I love this piece. I've done 3-4 similar versions of this same scene, and each one turns out special. It's always hard for me to see them go! My new collector, though normally an avid modern art collector, loved it immediately and felt it perfect for her home in Chicago.

Friday, February 8, 2008

"Vineyard Gold" revised

Original Vineyards of GoldMany times I'll re-work a painting several times until I am finally satisfied with the result. Truthfully, I could add or alter things a hundred times, and still find things I would like to change. This was the case with "Vineyards of Gold." I gave it several overhauls and this is the result - "Vineyard Gold."

Final Vineyard Gold

Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Pathway through the Quaking Aspens"

Just finished up this new piece! I've done this scene before...but each one turns out uniquely. I always love the ones with pathways. The comment I get most is..."what lies beyond that bend in the road?"

Friday, February 1, 2008


Now that you know the whole story behind the "Tuscan Meadow" commission, this is the last email I got from Karla. It is one of the sweetest emails I have ever received from a collector. In the subject box, she wrote "No Words". Here is a bit of that email:

Darling Beautiful Petite Jennifer Vranes ~

I feel somewhat intoxicated with joy as I write to you to let you know our painting is here safe and sound standing on its wall with more beauty and glory than I could ever ever speak. What a fool I was to doubt I was to receive THAT particular piece. The fire roars in the field against the dark wood wall. Oh my. I know I'm in a surreal state because I'm not even using exclamation marks. That is soooo not me. Your words on the back brought warm refreshing tears to my eyes. When I look at this 2160" it makes me feel like there is hope and better days ahead for us. Oh Jen. I wouldn't have traded the flight down to meet you and to come to my senses and choose this one for anything. Know that you do now and always will hold a very precious place in our hearts.

Blessings and much love from the two of us XOXO Karla & Jeff