Friday, February 1, 2008


Now that you know the whole story behind the "Tuscan Meadow" commission, this is the last email I got from Karla. It is one of the sweetest emails I have ever received from a collector. In the subject box, she wrote "No Words". Here is a bit of that email:

Darling Beautiful Petite Jennifer Vranes ~

I feel somewhat intoxicated with joy as I write to you to let you know our painting is here safe and sound standing on its wall with more beauty and glory than I could ever ever speak. What a fool I was to doubt I was to receive THAT particular piece. The fire roars in the field against the dark wood wall. Oh my. I know I'm in a surreal state because I'm not even using exclamation marks. That is soooo not me. Your words on the back brought warm refreshing tears to my eyes. When I look at this 2160" it makes me feel like there is hope and better days ahead for us. Oh Jen. I wouldn't have traded the flight down to meet you and to come to my senses and choose this one for anything. Know that you do now and always will hold a very precious place in our hearts.

Blessings and much love from the two of us XOXO Karla & Jeff


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