Friday, January 25, 2008

Shipping Confusion

So...I called up the shipping company that the show uses to ship off Karla's painting and they told me they would come and pick up the piece after eleven. It was three before I saw a man walking through looking at booth numbers. I assumed he was my shipper, so I asked him if he was looking for Jennifer. He said yes, and asked me which painting I needed to ship off. He wrote down all the shipping info, and took the painting away. An hour later, a "Craters and Freighters" guy came to my booth dressed up in an official uniform with clip board in hand. My heart stopped. Who was that stranger who had just taken away Karla's painting? I was frantic! The office, fortunately, knew immediately who the man had been. He owns a shipping company--a competitor to Craters and Freighters. The office has nicknamed him "Bad Dennis". They tracked down my painting, and Craters and Freighters picked it up. All was saved! I don't think I could have painted another "Tuscan Meadow"!


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