Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Release!

This is my latest giclee release, "Autumn Path". I was especially fond of this painting, so I decided to make it available in a limited edition print. My giclees are more affordable, but are still incredible pieces of art. Most think them originals because I heavily enhance each one with lots of thick texture! For more information, visit my website:

"Cottage in a Hay Field"

I like discovering what prompts people to buy an original piece of Art. This is a painting I just finished up for Krista Davies from the UK. When she commissioned the piece, she knew exactly what she wanted. Her painting had to include: a yellow hay field, big red poppies, blue sky with white puffy clouds, and a stone cottage. Below is the sweet email she sent me detailing her reasons for commissioning this painting:

Hi Jen,

I'm SO looking forward to this painting, I have to tell you. I just thought I'd like to tell you of the story behind why I'm so particular... If you don't mind. Sorry if you do... It's just when my grandmother died she left a certain amount of money to each of her grandchildren... to buy something that would always remind them of her... and instead of buying something like a digital camera or golf clubs... I thought it would be nice to have something which would actually do what she wanted and, remind me of her. Not that she needs something to be reminded by, she was a lovely person whose rememberance did not need a reason. But I thought of a more thoughtful usage for the money, I really think she would love the painting. She loved nature and flowers as I do and I know that every time I see that painting I will remember her. Thanks for listening.

Krista x

Original hand-painted Christmas Cards!

New this season, I have created a series of 6" x 6" Christmas cards. Each card is a unique original painting that I create with a palette knife. There are no two exactly the same! You can choose between: wreath, gift, tree, or get an assortment of all three!

1 card $5
6 cards $25
12 cards $45

blank inside, envelopes included

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heart and Art

I love seeing where Collectors actually hang my work! This is a picture that Cynthia Ellis sent me of her new giclee, "Autumn Stroll" hanging above her fireplace mantel.
This is the email she sent me when she ordered the giclee:
If you don't mind, I thought I would tell you why we loved "Autumn Stroll" so much. We bought 35ac in Divide, CO and contracted to have our "dream house" build on it. Unfortunately, the builder was not a good person and experience turned into a financial nightmare. Even so, when summer came it was heaven on earth there. Some of my most fond memories are walking the woods and roads, listening to the Aspens. We were there for 6 years. During that time, both of my daughters were born and sadly, my Father died of a sudden heart attack while in the house. We ended up trying to sell the home for over two years to move closer to my husbands workplace in Colorado Springs (winters were tough). He got a job offer in AZ and an investor came in and bought our home, but for much less than its market value. Regardless of the emotional rollercoaster we experienced there, it still holds a special place in our hearts and your painting captures the happiest of memories we experienced there. Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finding Family in D.C.

It's an interesting story how we connected with new collectors, Melva and Ron Skinner. The Carmel Fine Art Gallery ran an add announcing the Gallery Show in the Washington Post. The name 'Vranes' caught Melva's attention. Her full name is Melva "Vranes" Skinner. She sent off an email right away asking us if we're related to the Vranes' that came to Ellis Island in 1903. Despite the late hour (we were already in D.C. in our hotel), Matt called her up on the phone. Turns out we are related, if somewhat distantly! Matt invited them to the Gallery Show, and they came! The moment we saw them walk into the Gallery, it was all hugs and kisses! It truly was like finding long lost family. We went to lunch and then they surprised us by purchasing a vineyard painting. I think it was perhaps their first original piece of art they've ever owned! I'm so honored.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ahh Tourists!

When I wasn't in the Gallery talking Art, I was out playing tourist with my hubby, Matt. We needed another week to see it all! To save time, we went on one of those tourists buses that takes you around to all the 'hot spots'. It was definitely the 'cliff notes' version of seeing the city--but we still had a blast. Matt is the perfect touring partner. He's one of those truly hilarious people who can make even the simplest thing a ball of fun. He's big in size (6'5") and in personality. We left all the kiddies at home, so it was just the two of us for 4 days! Plus, when a Gallery flies you out, and puts you up in a swanky hotel, the least you can do is enjoy yourself! Oh, and sell a few paintings for them too. :) I can't wait to go back.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Gallery Show in D.C.

Last weekend I flew to Washington D.C. to do a Gallery Show for Carmel Fine Art Gallery. What an amazing Gallery! You can't beat their location. It's situated in an area that is considered the "Rodeo Drive of D.C!" I had a great time (shopping) getting to know the staff better, and talking with collectors. Ron and Melva Skinner bought one of my vineyard pieces. On the back of the canvas, I did a remarque and dedication for them. Meeting collectors like Ron and Melva is the best part of an art career!