Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Reaching for the Sky--diptych...Delivered"

I just sent this Diptych off on Monday, and by Wednesday my Collectors received the paintings!  This was the awesome email I received from Stephanie:
Oh my, you have new adoring fans in Utah.  They came today, they are out but not yet hung, the kids and I are in love, they are perfect and now all the other large blank walls in the room just need more Jennifer Vranes!  I will send you a picture when we hang them and you will see what I mean haha.  You are amazing and your work is just so refreshing.  I can't wait for Jeff to get home and see these.  Thank you so very much for making our very first (real) art purchase so very pleasant and easy.  I will be excited to meet you if you do a show in Utah, send an email if you can.  Jeff and I travel to Italy in May, once I see what I can only imagine, a landscape of yours of a tuscan country side may very well need to get added to our collection someday!

Very Happy and Smiling,



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