Monday, December 31, 2012

Vineyard Commission for Bay Area couple

Stacey and Seth bought a new home and were in the process of decorating each room.  They started with the formal dining room.  The tables and chairs and credenza were in place, now all they needed was something for the walls.  Stacey knew she wanted artwork with lots of rich color and thick, palette knife texture. When she came across my work, it was exactly what she was looking for!  She discovered a triptych I had previously painted of a vineyard, house, and swing.  She asked if I could paint her a similar version of the piece, but with their two daughters walking down the vineyard path.  Of course, personalizing paintings for collectors is my favorite thing to I told her that yes, I'd love to do that.  All she needed to do was send me a picture of her daughters.  Very easy!  Commissions are actually a lot easier than people think.  I love working with collectors to get them that special painting they envision.  I can make their piece as personalized and unique as they want.  Since this family lived in the Bay Area, I decided to change the background hills to Northern California ones.  They loved the end result!  On a trip to San Francisco, I was able to stop by and personally deliver the paintings to them.  It was fun meeting Seth and Stacey and hanging their new artwork.  I always love seeing the final result with the painting in place on the wall.  Such a thrill for an artist!  It was also wonderful getting to know Stacey and Seth in person.  Project Dining Room for the living room!

"Home Sweet Home--Triptych"
24 x 24 ea panel
thick acrylic on canvas

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