Saturday, December 29, 2012

Aspen painting, "Meadow of Amethyst" 48 x 60

Laurie and Chris first saw my work at Chloe Fine Arts Gallery in San Francisco.  They immediately fell in love with my "Meadow of Amethyst" painting that was hanging in the front window.  They both knew instantly that this was their piece.  The size and color scheme was perfect for their living room.  This is the post they sent me on my Facebook JensArt page:
 "Hi Jen. We will be rewiring the room to get the proper lighting on Meadow of Amethyst. We are thrilled and fortunate to have your work in our family!"
--Laurie De Seguirant

Months later, I was able to finally meet the De Seguirants in person at a show that Chloe Fine Arts hosted.  It was such a thrill talking with them and getting to know them better.   I can't explain the connection that exists between collector and artist. But it's real, and I love it!

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