Saturday, October 15, 2011

9' x 12' Commission--The Hanging: Part 7

After we brought the canvas roll inside the house, professional framers took over.  They did a phenomenal job. They re-assembled the wooden supports, and stretched the painting back onto the frame.  It took them 4 hours! 
It was a poignant moment for me to see my client view the painting for the very first time.  It had been months in the making--lots of emails back and forth and phone calls.  She had been thinking about this painting for years--even before she met me.  And it was finally finished.  Her wall would never be bare again.  This painting was created specifically for her and her beautiful home. She was smiling!
Hanging the painting up on this very high wall was quite a feat!  It took four men on three ladders to do the job.  But at last it was in place.  It looked stunning hanging there!  Truly, the perfect piece for that space.  What a treat to be able to see the entire process--from beginning to end! 

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