Friday, October 14, 2011

9' x 12' Commission--Transporting to Canada: Part 6

Many of you have wondered how we were going to transport a 9' x 12' painting to Canada.  Quite frankly, we weren't too sure ourselves...but my genius husband figured it all out.  Truly, all I do is paint.  He's the logistics man!  There really is no way to get a 9' x 12' canvas through a door, so the only way to do it, is to take the painting off the stretcher bars and to roll it around a 12' tube.  This was done very carefully, with bubble wrap in between the layers.  Matt engineered a way to suspend the wrapped canvas in our cargo trailer without the canvas rubbing or touching any surface.  It worked out beautifully!  Painting arrived in Alberta Canada in perfect condition.

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