Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meeting my Art Mentor, Jack White!

Shown in order: Matt Vranes, Mikki Senkarik, Jack White and Jennifer Vranes. Both Jack and his wife Mikki are successful artists and have been an inspiration to hundreds of artists.We attended Mikki's art show in Santa Fe hosted by Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery.
(This is the hug I've been waiting to give Jack for nearly 10 years!)
When Matt and I heard that Jack White, the man behind my art career, was hosting a special seminar in Santa Fe...we jumped at the chance to finally get to meet him!  Jack has been mentoring me for the past decade via emails and phone calls...but I had never actually actually met him in person!  In fact, he made such an impact on my art career, that when my third son was born on his birthday, I decided to call him Colton Jack. Words cannot describe the special thrill it was for me to give Jack a hug and to thank him for all the help he's been to me over the years. He's a columnist for several art magazines, and has self published 5 books on art marketing.  You can order them from his website:  They are the best books I've ever read on the subject and have truly helped steer my art career in the proper direction. If you read them...when Jack talks about a "West Coast Jennifer"...know that it's me he's referring to! :)


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