Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gallery Show in Aspen, CO

Every year in July--at the height of the tourist season, Royal Aspen Gallery hosts a show for me. I always look forward to it every year. I love just being in this upscale town and hanging out with the guys at Royal Aspen.  These boys can really sell my work!  July is a great time to come to Aspen. The show is in the evenings, so I like to spend the days hiking and taking pictures of the gorgeous mountains and... of course...aspen trees!  I literally take thousands of pictures. I always get super excited to get back to the studio to start my next series!  Just being here inspires me. 
We stayed at the Independence Square Hotel.  The location was perfect--right in the middle of town, about a block south of the Gallery.  Everything was in walking distance.
We opened the Aspen Times this morning and saw a full-page Announcement for the Show!
The Gallery looks great!  I love how they arranged my paintings. I sent them 7 new paintings for the show...and they arrived just in time. This Gallery does best with my large most of the work is 4 feet and above.  They especially like the 7 foot to 8 foot range!
The show was very successful!  I couldn't have asked for a better group of reps. They really know the art business and are super passionate about my work. It was fun re-connecting with them in person again.  These guys sell a lot of paintings for me, so I try to keep them well stocked with my best (and biggest) art.

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