Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aspens and Poppies--the perfect duo!

Most would think Colorado Aspens and Tuscan Poppies couldn't be hung together...but, as you see here, this is simply not true.  Though the genres are very different, the painting style and bold colors unify the two pieces beautifully!   The curved, vaulted wall in the first photo, posed a decorating dilemma for my clients.  They needed something tall and narrow--not easy to find!  Most artists simply don't paint so large.  So, when they saw my vertical 72" x 24" (each panel) "Skyward--Diptych" they knew they had found the perfect piece!  The size was ideal, and the colors suited beautifully the yellow walls. After the diptych was hung, the existing artwork in the niche suddenly appeared drab and unsuitable.  We all agreed that a 48 x 48 painting of brilliant red poppies would work nicely in that spot.  My clients chose "Hills of Chianti" which I had sent from a Gallery directly to them.  This is the final result.  Problem solved.  House completed!

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