Monday, March 14, 2011

Greetings from New York!

I met Caroline and John during a show at Wyland Galleries in Lake Tahoe.  They were the sweetest people!  For her 50th birthday present, John bought her my "Autumn Jewel" Giclée.  Here is the email I just received from Caroline:

Hi Jennifer,

I wanted to thank you for the little something extra you did for my birthday. I appreciate you making our giclée an artist print and I absolutely love my birthday card.

Autumn Jewel is hanging above the fireplace in our family room. It looks lovely and everyone who comes to our home is enthralled by its beauty. I love that the windows to the sides of the fireplace allow the woods to come through into the room. Together the giclée and the trees outside compliment one another.

We are hoping to go to Scottsdale next year in February. Perhaps we will see you there!

I have attached pictures of your Autumn Jewel.

Our best wishes to your beautiful family.

Caroline and John
Hamburg, New York


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