Sunday, February 1, 2009

Aspen Art for Anniversary!

This is Amanda Leonard. She is married to pro-golfer Justin Leonard who is in town playing in the PGA tournament. Of course, I didn't really know who that was exactly (I'm not so much into golf)...but when I shared the news with my hubby Matt--he became very excited! Leonard, apparently, is his very favorite golfer! How delightful. And what a sweet wife he has. Amanda walked into my booth, and instantly felt a connection with my aspen paintings. It was in Telluride, Colorado where Justin had proposed marriage...and their 7 year wedding anniversary is coming up! Amanda decided to surprise Justin for their anniversary with a painting from Colorado with their initials carved into one of the trees (I did it right after she left), with the date they were married and a heart. It turned out pretty neat! I shipped the painting out the next day to arrive in time for their anniversary on February 2nd!


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