Monday, November 24, 2008

A Lavender Field Commission

This was a fun commission! The Nudlemans (wonderful Collectors of mine), referred their friends, Barbara and Walter Schwamb to me...whom then commissioned a 36" x 42" lavender field painting, with rolling hills and a "European" town in the background. The Schwambs asked me if it was possible to also include their two lovely daughters and favorite pet "Ozzy" to the painting. "Yes!" I told them, excitedly. I always love adding those special features that help personalize and give more meaning to the painting. Barb made it really easy for me, and sent me an actual photo of her girls (and Ozzy) walking in a field. All was approved yesterday, and the painting got shipped out today in time for Thanksgiving! This was the email she sent me in response to the picture I sent her of the painting:


Just got back from Wimberley, and opened your email.....and I LOVE THIS PAINTING!!!! I am so psyched!!!! It really is perfect. I am so thrilled with the commission piece ~ thank you so very much....I can't wait to bond with it in person!!!



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