Saturday, September 27, 2008

10th Wedding Anniversary in NYC!

For our 10th year Wedding Anniversary, my hubby surprised me the morning of, with two plane tickets to New York City! He had the whole thing planned out. All arrangements had been made for the kids, all I needed to do was pack my bags! It was very exciting. We stayed at the fabulous Mariott Marquis on Time Square and saw two Broadway Plays: "Lion King" and "Chicago". What a treat! My husband knows me well (he should after 10 years!). It was nice to be in NY without an agenda! We just relaxed, ate like Kings at our favorite Restaurants (Plata Forma, Ruth's Chris), went shopping in China Town, visited Ground zero (this shot is one you will never see! Matt had to hoist me up on his shoulders so I could get a pic from atop a scaffolding wall!), went to a "real" NY Comedy Club (good thing my hubby looks like a bouncer!), and just had the time of our lives. How much can two people fit in a weekend? It was definitely an anniversary that will last me for the next 10 years.


Blogger Kristi said...

Wow, how fun. Matt is making all the husbands look bad. He always goes all out. You two are so much fun. If you weren't so stinkin' busy all the time we might hang out more. We miss those late nights when we push our kids' bedtime way back so that mom and dad can hang out with Matt and Jen.

September 30, 2008 at 8:32 AM  

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