Monday, September 15, 2008

The Youngest of 8 gets hitched!

My youngest sister, Alyssa Richardson Coombs is now a married woman! Here is the happy couple exiting the L.D.S. Temple in Rexburg, Idaho. Theirs was an especially joyous wedding. All who attended couldn't help but feel the happiness that radiated from the newlyweds. They are a perfect match...we couldn't have picked out a better man for Alyssa. And we're a tough group to please...but Paul passed all our tests with flying colors. Anyone who can marry a girl with 7 strong-opinioned older sisters, is a keeper! :) We are all just thrilled to have a new brother in law. Size-wise Paul fits right in with the other hubbies at 6' 4". Here are the sisters (minus 2). We all can't believe our littlest sister is old enough to get married! When did that happen? We had a blast being together again! Doesn't happen too often these days.
Love these girls! Nothing beats having close sisters. Can you tell we're related?


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