Sunday, June 8, 2008

Same Painting...New Look!

What many people don't know, is that we artists sometimes re-work a painting several times until we get it right! This one, for example, started off as a poppy field...then turned into a vineyard, and just last week it became a lavender field! Which version do you like best? I think you will agree that the last rendition is by far the strongest. When I get a painting that just doesn't sell, after sending it through my Gallery circuit, I request the painting come back to me, and I then evaluate what the problem is. In most cases, it is due to color. If a painting is too green...or too yellow, it will sit. People love color! Anything with reds, purples, blues with accents of yellows and greens sells immediately. Those are the colors in which most people decorate their homes. It is true, that the second painting has lots of red, but it just wasn't exciting enough. The background was faded and "blah". The sky, boring. With the third piece, I "brightened" everything up. I made the yellows "pop", and added some interesting clouds to the sky. I even changed the sky color from a weird blue to a wonderful cobalt. I felt it needed more depth, so I added mountains. And the purple against the yellow is always a winning color combo! Using complimentary colors always makes a piece into a WOW!


Blogger Agent of Change said...

To be totally honest Jen. I LOVE The first rendition of this painting. It was too bad no one appreciated it. It looks so real, the textures, shadows and fields look like you could jump right into the picture. The sky in contrast to the reds are fantastic. I can't say that the vineyards did anything to better the picture, but it's true that purples do something amazing to the picture. I still LOVE the poppies, in contrast with the golds and greens and that blue in the sky! I think you had the right idea, just not the right buyer.


September 25, 2008 at 11:01 AM  

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