Thursday, May 15, 2008

Birthday in Cabo!

So...after my sisters left, my husband Matt and our three boys, joined me in Cabo to finish off the vacation. It was one of our most fun vacations we've ever taken as a family (well, minus our 2 yr old, Addie). Matt and I both speak Spanish, so it was great speaking to all the locals and especially came in handy when negotiating good prices for the different activities and with beach vendors. One of the activities we did was the 3 hour ATV ride on the beach! By the end, our boys were driving us around. For my birthday (May 7th), Matt took me to "Edith's," a beach-front restaurant renowned for their amazing seafood. It was fun being serenaded by a Mariachi band! Our waiter, not realizing that I don't drink, brought me out tequila and almost poured it down my throat before I could wave him off! Oopsy. The chocolate torte was pretty incredible though.

Here's a video clip of that little incident:


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