Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oregon Friends in Scottsdale!

It was the opening weekend of the show, when Jennifer and Brad Greer walked into my booth. Their first question was, "are you the artist from Central Point, Oregon?" Surprised to find that someone actually knew where "Central Point" was (usually people refer to Medford or Ashland if they are familiar at all with Southern Oregon), I said "Why, Yes! That's where I'm from!" They then explained that they live in Phoenix Oregon, about 10 minutes away from Central Point! They had read in the local newspaper that I was participating in an art show in Scottsdale, and since they were headed that way for vacation, they decided to stop by and see what it was all about! It was so much fun talking to them. It was like meeting new family! I'm so happy they stopped by the show, and hopefully had some fun looking at all the art. That is definitely not an experience you can have in our little town!


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