Friday, December 12, 2008

A Meadow of Flowers--painted 8 ways!

This particular scene is one of my favorite ones, and apparently it is to my collectors as well! I've painted it as small as a 6" x 6" to as big as 84" x 60". See which version is your favorite!

The first meadow painting, "Joyful Spring" 48" x 48" (above)

The second version of the same meadow of wild flowers. "Evening Promise" 48" x 60"(above)

A third painting of the same scene, commissioned by clients who asked for a "blue" sky rather than "yellow". "Evening Promise II", 48" x 60" (above)

The fourth painting taken from the same subject matter--but in a very large 60" x 85" vertical (above)

This is the tiniest version of the meadow--a 6" x 6" painting titled, "Spring" (above)

The Joy of Spring" commissioned in a 48 x 60 by a couple from Chicago (above)

"Lovely Spring" in a Seasons series. 24 x 36. This was the first of the four seasons to sell at the Royal Street Gallery in Colorado. (above)

And this is the latest painting, just finished yesterday! The clients plan to place this painting above their mantel. It is a huge 84" x 60" horizontal, titled: "Evening Meadow". We're still trying to figure out how to ship this thing to Florida!

This is a perfect example of how an artist can paint the same scene over and over--but have each painting turn out differently. An original painting is always unique! I alway tell my clients when they wish to commision a painting they've seen me do before--that it will not be a "copy" of the one before. It will be similar yes, but never exact. That is what makes an 'original' so special.

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