Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Puzzles and more Puzzles!

Last year, Ceaco, one of the biggest puzzle manufacturers, contacted me about making my paintings into jigsaw puzzles.  The President of Ceaco had seen one my advertizements in a magazine and thought my work would translate well on a puzzle.  The thought had never crossed my mind!  It took me a month to call him back.  I'm sure glad I finally did.  They chose 6 of my paintings to publish as puzzles and have since sold over 15,000 on Amazon and in stores like Toy's R Us and Target.  I brought the puzzles to this show and they have been very popular!  It's been fun autographing them for my collectors. They are currently sold out in most stores...but if you would like an artist signed puzzle, contact me via my website, and I'll send you one!

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