Saturday, January 28, 2012

10" x 10" Giclée series...HOT!

I usually paint on a rather large I thought it would be practical to offer my collectors something small they could easily take home with them in a car or on an airplane.  My 10 x 10 Giclées are the perfect size--they fit anywhere and look great by themselves or clustered together as a grouping.  They have been wildly popular this year at Celebrations.  Each one is printed on canvas and Gallery wrapped with the image stretched around the sides.  No framing is necessary.  I enhance each Giclée with a palette knife to add some nice texture.  They are sweet little pieces of art and at $250 a pop are also very affordable.

Bill and Cathie Cline came to the show and instantly fell in love with them.  They thought a grouping of 8 would be perfect for a wall in their dining room.  Here are a couple of pictures they sent me after they got the Giclées hung up!  Cathie posted several more pictures of the wall on my JensArt Facebook page and left this comment:

"I Love, Love, Love them!!! These are my Happy Pictures. Thank you so much Jen! --Cathie"

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