Friday, January 27, 2012

Interview on Fox 10!

I was selected out of 100 artists to be interviewed at the Celebration of Fine Art on the morning show for Fox 10 News. I painted live on camera while talking about my 3-D texture on the Aspen and Birch trees, as well as the Lavender fields.  It was a lot of fun!  Cory sure is a character.  These were some of the comments posted on my JensArt Facebook page:

Have my TV tuned in...waiting for my girl!!!

Will check back Jen!! Can't wait to see you in action! Loved your Xmas     showing of all the homes;that have beautified their space with your art!!


That was really cool. I'm glad you explained the 3D thing because it was difficult to see over the computer screen. Your paintings must weigh a ton. :-)

That's awesome!

So exciting!!!

Finally was able to view the spot:Oh,how I'd love to be at the Show! What a wonderful event with 110 Artists Live & In Person! Only $10 charge & for the St. Mary's Cause! Finally got to see you in action with the swirling palette knives! Great side shot of the paint build-up for the 3-D effect!! Also,seeing you in a live video:I could see your love for what you do...Plus your pretty cute! Thanks for sharing!!

Congratulations! Sorry I missed it! Will it be on YouTube? Would LOVE to see you being interiewed! LOVE YOUR WORK!

Congrats. You did a great job

My friend is famous!

Congrats indeed. I love your work!

Just saw your work great my favorite tree

That is so awesome Jen! Love the interview. Hair is super long!

You totally deserve it, u r so talented!!

Oh Jen , congrats...I would love to come see you work. I have crazy kids...I might have to make it a date with my hubby and get a baby sitter. I would love to see your art in person and up close. I really want to get one.

Congratulations!!!! That is great!!!

Congrats! Thats so awesome. You are so gifted and your paintings are beautiful...cant think of a better artist to have that opportunity!

Jen you are so incredible! I love you and I love your paintings. I posted this to my wall also cause I love bragging about you. :)

Fun to watch .... And now I know what you sound like !

Awesome job Jen Richie! I enjoy seeing your work, God has given you such a great talent!! Sharing on my wall so others can see it too!

Have already commented before...But will share,too!!

awesome. Very good work Jen are AWESOME and I love the way you bring life in such vivid colors in your paintings. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

great interview--and thanks for posting. Have a wonderful show.


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