Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ardiri Vineyard and Winery

Every year Gail and John choose one of my paintings for their next wine label.

"Autumn Vineyard"
48 x 30
Collector: Dr. John C.
Two of my top art collectors, John C. and Gail L., own Ardiri Vineyard and Winery, located in Cornelius, OR. Together they also own at least 80 of my paintings! They started collecting my work when I was a fresh out of college, just beginning my career with the Artist Guild in San Francisco. Several years ago they bought a vineyard just outside Portland, OR. Every year, on Memorial Day Weekend, John and Gail invite me to participate in their fun wine event. Though I myself am a non-drinker, I enjoy taking part in their fabulous event. I always bring my freshest vineyard pieces out to the show and then paint one or two more on site. Ardiri couldn't be more beautifully situated atop a hill, overlooking a valley of patchwork farmlands with Mt. Hood in the distance. Lots of painting inspiration!

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