Monday, May 25, 2009

"Memorial Day"

Happy Memorial Day! I must say, it's fun having a Dad in Politics. He's doing a fabulous job as our Oregon State Representative. Every week my Dad (Dennis Richardson) sends out an informative email newsletter to nearly 30,000 Oregonian citizens. He feels strongly that as Americans we need to be concerned with the issues going on around us. He states it best on his website:
"Without informed and involved citizens, self-serving special interest groups take control--and the taxpayers are left to pay the bill. Truly, “the cost of freedom is vigilance, involvement and commitment.”
You can sign up for his newsletter at:

My Dad gave a powerful speech today at the "Veterans Memorial" in Central Point, OR. Afterwards, an elderly woman turned to me and said, "Oh! If I could just clone that man! Isn't he wonderful? We certainly could use more of him!" I nodded my head and said with a little pride, "Yep! That's my Dad!"

My twin sister, Valerie Harmon, and I couldn't resist getting a picture with the honored representative. :)


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