Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Symphony of Color III" Giclée on canvas

Barbara, a client from Chicago discovered my website, and fell in love with my "Symphony of Color III". She decided to order a 60 x 36 Giclée to hang above the fireplace in her Summer Home. I promised Barbara I would give her Giclée a lot of extra love and attention!

Barbara just received her "Symphony of Color III" Giclée, and this is the response she emailed me:

We hung the picture in our summer home. It looks spectacular! It is over the fireplace in our great room which is a two story room. It looks a little bit different depending on where you stand in the room, and how the light hits it. As a result, the colors stand out at different times making it an ever changing picture. We love it.

Thank you for sending the information about yourself and the certificate of authenticity. Our friends who have seen it raved about it...let's see if we can't drum up some more business for you in the Midwest.


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