Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aspen Art!

I met Debbi Eischen last year at the show, and she has been thinking about my work ever since! What a sweetie. She was determined this year to get a painting, but deciding on which piece to take home proved a little more difficult. For three weeks, she kept coming back to my "Crimson Forest", and just when she had decided that it was the one...I shipped it out to a Gallery! Poor timing on my part. But, I told her I would paint her up a similar piece, and this is the result! She came in today, and loved it! I've painted this scene several times, but I do think perhaps, this one is my favorite! Such great reds in this piece. Lots of layers of texture, too. It is surprisingly heavy to hoist. It was a delight to re-connect with Debbie, and I'm thrilled she'll be taking home a painting!


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