Friday, May 15, 2009

Back to Scottsdale!

I have a couple of clients I wanted to follow-up with after the "Celebration of Fine Art" show ended in March. I had met them during the show, but due to scheduling conflicts never got the chance to sit down with them to talk about their commissions. The three of us finally agreed upon a weekend that worked for all, and my husband and I flew back to Scottsdale to meet with them. What a fun weekend it turned out to be! Matt and I found an amazing deal online, and booked a suite at the "Intercontinental Montelucia Spa and Resort" nestled at the foot of picturesque Camel back Mountain. What a gorgeous place! We definitely needed more time to relax there. I especially wished I had time to explore their 32,000 square foot destination spa!

But the highlight of the trip was visiting with collectors: Margo and Jim Sulkosky and Jack Hallam. It was fun getting to know them better and discussing what they envision for their special commissions! It is also very helpful for me to see their home, and the space where they intend to hang my painting. I always take lots of pictures that will aid me in the painting process. Margo and Jim even gave me a couple of material swatches of their mo-hair chairs and carpet with the colors they want me to incorporate in their painting. I really love that! All those little details are helpful for me in creating their completely custom piece. Margo and Jim decided on a 60 x 48 Aspen Forest with a field of colorful wildflowers in the foreground. The painting will go in their formal dining room above the console and inside a large niche. It's a fantastic spot--perfect for one of my bold and dramatic Aspen pieces. Margo has been looking for months for just the right piece, and when she saw my work at the show, she knew instantly that she had found the perfect fit! Their house is one of the most interesting homes I have ever seen. All the walls are adobe plaster, with tones of taupe's and beige's. There are many rooms that branch off of various levels. I can't explain it, but it's very unique and grandiose! I'm honored they want one of my paintings to crown the focal point of their dining room! It was such fun visiting with them. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. I can't wait to start on their painting!
Next, we met with Jack Hallam. Jack needs a painting for his master bedroom. He is in the process of remodeling the bedroom and master bath in the "French/ Provincial" style, so Jack has been thinking a lot about my lavender fields series. He is a man who knows exactly what he likes! He came back 3 times during the art show to look at my paintings. We perused my portfolio, and he picked several paintings that he responded to. We decided to go with a 60 x 36 painting of a lavender field with tons of wild flowers, some people walking down a path towards a French Chateau, with some rolling hills of the French countryside in the background. He knew he was asking for an uncommon amount of details, but I assured him the painting would be that much more fantastic! Oh, and the most interesting thing he wanted...something I've never had a request for...was Aspen trees in the foreground! That is an unusual combination--Aspen trees mixed with French landscape...but hey, it's Art! And why not? It will probably turn out pretty neat. I may even get commissions to do the same thing after others see it. This will be interesting...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jennifer ......I love your painting. I just discovered you about a month ago, and almost every day, log on to look at a few of your paintings. I wish that you would make videos, teaching fledglings like me how to better create texture, etc. I realize that you are very busy, but that would be my dream come true!

Jackie A....Lake View, New York

April 4, 2010 at 6:10 PM  

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