Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Wedding on Valentine's Day"

Debra (Matt's sister) married Blair Carlson on February 14th in the LDS San Diego Temple. What a beautiful wedding it was. The couple were simply radiant with happiness. They really are a perfect match. Very compatible! I was honored to be one of the 7 bridesmaids, and luckily for me, I quite liked the dress that Debra picked out for us to wear. I can even wear it to other non-wedding occasions. Her wedding colors were "honey brown and sage green." After the wedding, an elegant reception was hosted at the home of Blair's parents. It was a gorgeous house set atop a hill that overlooked the San Diego valley. In the back yard was a huge rock cliff where a waterfall poured down into a pool. My children enjoyed very much scaling the walls (much to the horror of the guests), in their black suits. It was all I could do to prevent them from stripping down and jumping in! They had had enough of boring 'wedding stuff.'

Debra and Blair love to travel, so they fittingly picked an "ocean" theme for their reception. The wedding cake was an incredible creation of sea shells and beach sand that was all edible. In the clear, glass stands supporting the cake, swam live, colorful fish! It was created by the same designer who did the cake for Hannah Montana's birthday party. My kids could not wait for the bride and groom to cut the cake! They just stared at it with big eyes and watering mouths. Once or twice, they were caught dipping their fingers in the all too tantalizing frosting! I didn't blame them one bit! It was delicious.

To see Debra and Blair's wedding video, click on this link:

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