Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Lavender for Christmas!"

One of the greatest treats as an artist, is to be invited to the home of your collector! So, when Jeff and Pat Skoglind invited us (Matt was in town that weekend) to their home in Scottsdale for dinner, I accepted with enthusiasm! Pat had mentioned they had hung my lavender field painting in their master bath...and when I saw "The Bathroom", I understood why! It was the perfect space for my lavender field painting. Jeff and Pat had seen my work last year at the "Celebrations of Fine Art Show", and when Pat expressed interest in the lavender painting, Jeff bought it for her on the sly as a surprise for Christmas. She had no idea, until 11 months later, she unwrapped a big box on Christmas morning! Jeff loves surprises, and I think he took the cake (and got huge bonus points) with this one! The wall was even already painted purple! Truly, my "Lavender in Provence" was meant for that exact spot. Pat says when she wakes up in the morning, she loves to see the light from the side window illuminate the painting. It seems to glow! I love that. The evening spent at the Skoglind home was an unforgettable one. It is meeting people like them, that make me happy to be an artist!


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