Monday, March 11, 2019

My Dad...Secretary of State, Dennis Richardson

After my Dad's funeral, I visited his office at the State Capitol for the last time. It was sweet to see it all decorated with my artwork. He was one proud papa for sure! ❤️

The painting of the little boy on a chair, was one he bought at my first art show! I was fresh out of college and was trying to figure out how to "make it" as an artist. I decided that the first thing I needed to do was a solo show. I invited every gallery and art rep in the phone book to the opening.

The night of the show arrived. 2 Galleries showed up—one from Park City and the other, Salt Lake City. They told me that after the show was over they'd like to carry my work. I was so excited!

But the biggest surprise was when my Dad walked in. I couldn't believe he was there! He'd flown in just for the opening, wanting to support his daughter at her first show! That meant a lot to me. And before he left, he bought a painting of his grandson and didn't even ask for a discount! 😁


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