Friday, February 1, 2019

Does Art Really Have to Match the Couch? 🛋

Do you have art hanging on your walls that you don't love?

Have you purchased random art in the past just because a designer, consultant, or a friend told you it was the "right piece" for your walls? Have you bought art based on someone else's advice only because it "matched the couch?" You never really liked it, but since you spent so much money on it, you decided to just live with it…. even after getting a new couch! 

Has this happened to you?

I have many happy collectors who have purchased my art to replace something already hanging on their walls, replacing something they didn't love, something they never connected with....

See, you don't need a designer, or a consultant telling you how to feel, or what to love; it's YOUR choice, and they're not living with it — you are!

Art is such a personal experience. I guarantee YOU will know what YOU like! You'll know instantaneously when a painting "connects." And when it does, snatch it up because it's the one!

See all my freshest paintings on the link below. Does one speak directly to you? Then it's time to become a collector! 💙💙💙




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