Saturday, August 27, 2016

Art for Birthday Surprise!

My good friend just turned 40, so her sister and I wanted to surprise her with a special piece of art to commemorate the big day. The way she describes what happened upon receiving the surprise package is just too priceless not to share. So here's the full story, in her words:

"Ok, first off, when the FedEx man knocked on my door I looked at that huge box labeled with FRAGILE stickers, rolled my eyes and said, "Oh no. What did he buy?" I thought Jeff had bought some bizaare and obnoxious thing while I was gone last week, when I wasn't here to talk him out of it.

Then when I saw the sender label, I started to slowly put the puzzle pieces together. Thank Matt for being such a good packaging man--that sucker was sealed down tight! It took so long to unwrap, which only added to the excitement...

And then...

And then!!!

I was so grateful that Malia thought to run and grab my phone to take a few pictures of the moment.

Oh! My! Gosh!

I had no words. Only tears.

It is so, so special to me. My heart is filled with overflowing love!

It really is just perfect. You have no idea how perfect. I'll prove how perfect it is! I'm sending you a screenshot of my 40 before 40 list!

#5:check. It was one of those magical days up in the aspen forests of Utah last fall.

But #27: well, I figured that I'd just let that one go, sliding it into the maybe before I turn 50 category. After all, the decade of the 40s is all about accepting things as they are, but feeling contented in it being good enough. We have lived long enough to appreciate that when you get most of the things you set out to do done, then that'll do.

And now, because of the most beautiful gift I have ever been given, I can look at that painting and be reminded of sisters I love, friends I love, and feel the hope of dreams and goals ahead. Springs Twilight passes in my life and yet, all the light and love of the four decades that have gotten me to this place will shine on through the next four decades (hopefully!).

I am so grateful and I love you both so much!"


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