Saturday, July 16, 2016

The passing of a great Artist, Mentor and Friend, Jack White

I just received the news that my art mentor and dear friend, Jack White, passed away yesterday. Even though his health had been failing for the past couple of years, this still comes as a shock. Jack was the most vibrant and generous person I have ever known. He helped countless artists (like me) launch art careers in a world where people believe one must "starve" as an artist, or that making a living at creating art is impossible. He personally answered all of my questions and emails, and his sage advice on art marketing and sales was the best in the business. He held nothing back--giving up all of his secrets (ones that most artists hold close, never sharing) in his books that he sold on his website:
Jack White was an inspiration to me and I will miss him, his belly laugh and his Texan drawl.

Below is what his wife Mikki wrote about Jack and his passing:

Dear Jen and Matt,

Yesterday Heaven welcomed a master artist and amazing writer; Jack has gone home to Our Lord. At 83, Jack's mind was sharper than ever but his body gave in to the ravages of time. Since a stroke 2 years ago he has been on blood thinners. The past few days they've whirled out of control, my best friend and mentor began bleeding. In the hospital he was given several transfusions and seemed to recover a bit. While under anesthesia, during a colonoscopy to discover the source of the bleeding, Jack vomited and aspirated the fluid into his lungs. His body gave out, Jack went into respiratory arrest and was put on life support. We decided long ago that if either of us had to be kept "Alive" with artificial means it was time to let go and let God take over. Yesterday we did just that; Jack's last moments were peaceful and quiet. He is no longer plagued by a body that is suffering, no longer distressed by overwhelming feelings of helplessness caused by having to depend on me to do everything for him.

I can imagine all of the artists in Heaven have flocked around Jack to learn from his vast experiences, get pointers on their work and discover the joys of using his Double Primary Color Mixing System. Plus my guy is getting to meet all of his favorite Old Master Painters. He is writing freely and happily, unencumbered by stiff and uncooperative fingers. Jack has helped so many of us here on earth. I know I would never have become the person I am today without him in my life. God has truly blessed me to have Jack as a partner for 26 years. We will all miss this talented man, his storytelling and infectious laugh. But as incredibly hard as it is to give Jack up I know he's in a better place and whole again.

And you know Jack, he didn't want a funeral. So I plan to have a Celebration of Jack's life, most likely on his birthday, March 6. I will keep you updated. Thanks to all of you for being there for us over these many years.

With love and hugs, Mikki and Jack


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