Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Blind can Feel!

Alberto Guzman is completely blind, but his disability doesn't stop him from traveling around the world and visiting new places.  A native of Tuscan, AZ, Alberto decided to visit Scottsdale and come to the art show.  What an amazing person he is!  I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him.  Unlike most artists, I welcome people to touch my painting.  I want the experience to be tactile as well as visual.  My work is meant to be experienced by all the senses.  Because my paintings are so textured, Alberto was able to "feel" the subject matter with his fingertips.  He felt the trunks of the aspen trees as they wound upwards to the sky, their leaves round depictions of autumn color.  As he felt the painting, I described the scene he was experiencing.  Depending on the color, some paint is more glossy to the touch.  It was a very sweet moment for me to witness a person with no sight still be able to experience my artwork!

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